International Women’s Day 2018: The Time is Now

When women are empowered, they are better aware of their rights and economic problems and are hence better situated to develop solutions to them. This is observable in the emergence of more female gynaes and health practitioners, more female fashion entrepreneurs making garments for Women, more women in governance advocating for the wellbeing of Women and bearing the torch of peace initiatives or a peaceful world and more women leaders who take a stand against violence against Women & gender pay gap.


New Thread: Distributing Delivery Kits with Nma Ofili

Bridge Her Dreams continues to broaden its impact through partnerships to make resources available to its beneficiaries. This week, we partnered with Nma Ofili of Footprints Community Healthcare to provide delivery kits, safe-sex kits and maternal health awareness to teen mothers and women in Ajegunle communiy of Lagos, Nigeria. Nma Ofili is an award-winning U.K … Continue reading New Thread: Distributing Delivery Kits with Nma Ofili

Skills Acquisition Bootcamp for Teen Mothers in Ajegunle Community, Lagos

In February, 2017, Bridge Her Dreams rolled out the New Thread project, a 10-week capacity building project for out-of-school teenage mothers in the slums of Ajegunle, a community in Lagos, Nigeria. This project, in collaboration with Dreams From The Slum borders on self-esteem building &counselling sessions, maternal health awareness & family planning and vocational training sessions on … Continue reading Skills Acquisition Bootcamp for Teen Mothers in Ajegunle Community, Lagos

And They Lived Happily Never After!

​Somebody once told me a story of a wealthy man (let's call him P) whose wife (V) wanted more out of life than just a loving husband showering money on her. Despite her husband's wealth, V wanted to run a business as a store owner somewhere downtown. For reasons unknown, P didn't want to hear any of that. After much persistence from his wife, he helped set up the dream store. Business was good, V was happy running a business and of course her home. But V's happiness was short-lived as she resumed work one morning to discover her store was burgled the previous night. This incidence was going to be one of many burglary cases that trailed V's business and ultimately frustrated her out of it. P played a loving husband all along walking the miles to provide V with extra funds to fuel the existence of her hijacked business. Now, the one mischievous angle to this story is that P was the brain behind the constant burgling. He had hired touts to run down that business because...