And They Lived Happily Never After!

Somebody once told me a story of a wealthy man (let’s call him P) whose wife (V) wanted more out of life than just a loving husband showering money on her.

Despite her husband’s wealth, V wanted to run a business as a store owner somewhere downtown. For reasons unknown, P didn’t want to hear any of that. After much persistence from his wife, he helped set up the dream store. Business was good, V was happy running a business and of course her home. But V’s happiness was short-lived as she resumed work one morning to discover her store was burgled the previous night. This incidence was going to be one of many burglary cases that trailed V’s business and ultimately frustrated her out of it. P played a loving husband all along walking the miles to provide V with extra funds to fuel the existence of her hijacked business.  Now, the one mischievous angle to this story is that P was the brain behind the constant burgling. He had hired touts to run down that business because he didn’t see the need for V to pursue a career or dream since he availed her much with all she needed.

P’s mindset is common place in the society with many women falling in the guilty terrain. If you belong in this category, you probably have been lied to. The category that lives happily never after, casting blames around for their unhappiness. Fulfilment does NOT come with getting married, neither does it come with pushing over your responsibilities onto someone’s shoulder: fulfilment comes with contributing your quota to the world you’re a part of.

It is our collective responsibility to make the world a better place and this disqualifies you from being a spectator. What you should feel on your dying bed is a sense of accomplishment not regrets; feel that you have healed the world and that you have lived.

1. Discover yourself, live for something: find what you’re naturally inclined to and give it a go. You should look forward to waking up each morning to that job, to that activity, to whatever keeps you happy

2. You’re allowed to choose a different path: who says you can’t slay as a mechanical engineer? Or as a CEO? Or…as a pilot? Women are breaking borders in career choices, don’t be stuck in a shell thinking a woman’s place is only in a salon. A woman’s place is in the hustle. This is what a Boss lady looks like
3. Surround yourself with positive energy: as clichéd as this may sound, it is still “in”. Never underestimate the power of a negative word. If  you constantly find yourself in an awkward position where you’re belittled for being female or told you hold crazy dreams, then it is time to rethink your stance with these people. Family, Friends and partners should be our biggest fans allowing us to play our part in the opera of life.

4. Spend your time appreciating the efforts of others: unnecessary criticism poaches your dreams. When nothing anybody does makes it to your list of right, you’ll never get anything done for fear of being equally criticised. Fear clouds the actions of the conceited.

5. Give your life a purpose: Wake up each day with something to look forward to; something that makes you want to jump out of bed at morning because the moment there’s nothing to look forward to in life, you begin to wither.

Life is like a plant watered by purpose, slay it with purpose.



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