In a world where many women/girls have given in to desperation and made wrong choices; a time where women think little of themselves and are in constant seek of validation to unravel their talents while her rights are being truncated, Bridge Her Dreams is poised spur women and girls to aspire to greatness; to inform HER of her rights and how to stand up to them.

We are a volunteer-driven initiative working in Nigeria and continue to spread impact to different states across the country. We believe it is the collective responsibility of women and men to help Bridge HER Dreams.


Bridge Her Dreams provides a three-pronged capacity-building program for the modern woman catering to HER needs thus:
1. Vocational skills acquisition at our designated centers;
2. Follow-up internships with facilitating vocational organization/individual for beneficiaries who successfully enroll in our organized training.
3. School-to-school self-esteem and capacity-building sessions for secondary school girls to encourage girl education and discourage prostitution/teenage motherhood.
To date, we have been able to reach out to about 1500 vulnerable young women/girls through the activities mentioned above, with our school-to-school project gaining more crowd.


1. Out-of-school teenage mothers.
2. Young women who have renounced prostitution.
3. Vulnerable young women and girls.


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