New Thread: Distributing Delivery Kits with Nma Ofili

Bridge Her Dreams continues to broaden its impact through partnerships to make resources available to its beneficiaries. This week, we partnered with Nma Ofili of Footprints Community Healthcare to provide delivery kits, safe-sex kits and maternal health awareness to teen mothers and women in Ajegunle communiy of Lagos, Nigeria.

Nma Ofili is an award-winning U.K based midwife and a selfless contributor to maternal health through her initiative Footprints Community Healthcare. Nma has gone on to produce affordable standard delivery kits and family planning kits to cater women across various economic class in the society at a reduced cost and this week, in collaborations with Dreams From The Slum Initiative we made her kits available to women and teenage mothers in the Ajegunle community for FREE!
Our New Thread Bootcamp for teen mothers is still on and open for contributions. You too can be like Nma, contact Bridge Her Dreams

Some of the participants with their kits



Enter a caption


Nma Ofili sensitizing the women on maternal health


A participant displaying her kit



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